Matrix – 1 Year Old Male

Matrix is a beautiful 12 month old male German Shepherd that was raised in the house. He is completely crate trained and doesn’t potty in the house. Matrix has been on extensive socialization trips to stores and different fields and has been trained in foundation IGP obedience training. He has been wonderful with my guests and gets along great with female dogs. Matrix would be a wonderful dog for an active family or someone that wants to get started in some kind of dog sport.


Jag is a very loyal large male German Shepherd that is just beautiful to look at. Jag was raised with a family and is an excellent house dog but he does need his daily outlet which can be a hike which he loves, some ball play, his favorite or some running with his favorite girl dog friends in his pack. Jag has basic obedience and listens very well to the people he loves. Due to Jag’s size and energy we prefer a home with no children. He would be an amazing dog for an active person or couple that loves to go out and do things or someone who has experience and space.

Iva – 2 Year Old Female

Iva is a medium sized dark 2 year old female that is very spirited and loves to play and go places. She gets along great with all of our male dogs but is quite dominant with female dogs so we would like her to be an only dog or ideally have a male dog to play with. Iva was raised inside the house and is crate trained and does not potty in the house but will have to learn some more manners before she is fully trustworthy outside of a crate to be left. She would make a fun obedience dog or agility dog or companion for someone active or an active family. For her energy level we prefer older kids if any kids. Hips and elbows have been done and are excellent!

Trained German Shepherd Dogs in Michigan

Trained German Shepherd for sale MI von Buchmann

German Shepherds come from a long line of working dogs. Their instincts are for guarding and herding. When you live with a German Shepherd it’s important you honor his heritage while working with him to make him the best family member he can be. Remember, your German Shepherd is happiest when he is busy and has a job; consider training one of his “jobs.”

Regardless of the type of dog with whom you share your life or are planning to share your life, training should start at a young age. Many dogs are surrendered to shelters simply because no one took the time redirect bad behaviors toward more acceptable ones.

Real Testimonials

Mia is such a little love at about 40 pounds now with beautiful markings! She has been easy to train since she is so food motivated. She has a great personality and temperament. We just love her so much and thank you for a great bloodline!!
Susan S.
I have been so pleased with her that this past November we brought home another of Peggy’s little ones. He is an amazingly sweet, loving, playful and handsome little guy. We couldn’t be happier with our kids.
Donnie D.
Hank is doing great! His color is fantastic and his listening skills are superb!!! He very much enjoys our outings and meeting new people still!! And does very well with it!
Simon E.

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